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Bamboo keyboard and bamboo mouses  characteristics and production


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Chinese is the largest country of bamboo industry, bamboo is a kind of renewable resources and sustainable utilization of resources, bamboo is characterized by fast growth, strong reproductive capacity, high yield, easy regeneration, wide adaptability, versatility, a successful afforestation each year, bamboo shoot development, long-term benefit. In the face of so many of our resources. Of course, to make good use of the properties of bamboo, bamboo not only has anti radiation sterilization, anti-static function, we put the anti-static anti radiation performance by using this to the keyboard, mouse to computer.


In recent years, the mountains are rich in bamboo resources, develop bamboo to bamboo keyboard, bamboo mouse, bamboo keyboard operation now has two bamboo production line, annual production is expected to be 1 million 800 thousand sets of "bamboo keyboard",  export  in the United States, South Korea, Turkey and other countries. Why bamboo keyboard can export sales, whether bamboo keyboard what benefits, we take a look.


Introduction to use

Material: natural bamboo support platform: compatible with WINDOWS/Mac OS operating system. When in use, the red side by side roller part emit a faint blue light and the bottom of the mouse from the users of international life more bright and colorful.

Using the latest optical sensing technology design, high resolution and scanning rate, so that the mouse can pinpoint the key switch. Life can be up to 10 million times, the key is sensitive and the service life is guaranteed. The overall shape of human body engineering. Comfort grip, flexible operation. Can effectively reduce the operation of the mouse caused fatigue level. With bamboo and plastic, independent innovation Chinese enterprises, with 3 national invention patents and 4 utility model patents rewritten the keyboard in the production of plastic raw materials for the history.


Production process

Because of the special nature of bamboo, many processes have to be operated manually. After the finished product comes out, it will be more than 30.






Bamboo keyboard procedure.

It is reported that the general selection of more than 5 years of bamboo, so its density and hardness. The bamboo is transported to the factory after cut open, drying, milling, and fine polishing.

 Next, but also for the group of embryos, sanding, priming and other processes, the whole shell. After the circuit board is assembled into the shell. The inner shell of the keyboard, mouse can not be mechanically polished, the artificial thin emery cloth worn smooth.


Product features

The bamboo bamboo keyboard percussion sound small, with constant temperature properties of natural, when in use, can effectively avoid the generation of static electricity, and electronic components to extend the service life of the keyboard, is now used in plastic products of the keyboard.

1, strong practicability, good handle, anti-static, anti radiation, easy to clean, sweat antibacterial, cool in summer and warm in winter;

2, bamboo material instead of plastic, improve product degradation, to achieve the purpose of environmental protection;

3, the middle of bamboo pulp in high temperature and high pressure carbonization process of special production, never cracking, never deformation;

4, bamboo keyboard appearance is novel and unique, elegant, noble and elegant, greatly improve the product of the ornamental;

5, the product is practical, feel good, anti-static, anti radiation, easy to clean, sweat and antibacterial, cool in summer and warm in winter;

 6, bamboo keyboard unique anti-static effect on number more than 5 million times; 7, a computer normal service life need to spend 3 Pu Through the keyboard, while the 1 bamboo and the service life of the keyboard can be used in the 3 computer;

8, with the national invention patent and utility model patents; 9, bamboo texture has good ultraviolet absorption function, and its color and elegant, soft and warm appearance; people can also relieve visual fatigue degree, reduce myopia the occurrence of; is a highly decorative effect, health care products, can meet people's taste of life is the pursuit of 10 compatibility: PS/2 USB, compatible with all computer compatible, more than 98 of all systems.


Innovative technology

Keyboard and mouse products, technology is quite mature, who will make. But, can think of using bamboo to build the keyboard and mouse,

Bamboo keyboard for the first time. It is the innovation of bamboo keyboard percussion sound small, natural temperature, can avoid static, prolong the service life of the electronic components of the keyboard. This kind of innovation, the biggest selling point is the environmental protection, especially in Europe and other developed countries, environmental protection products are often the most popular, even if the price slightly expensive, also selling. Small bamboo, processed into the keyboard and mouse, becomes a good environmental health products. Computer is expected to wear a full set of "bamboo cloak" so far out of the production of bamboo keyboard, mouse basically are exported to the United States, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates and other countries. Moreover, they Lenovo is also working with other well-known computer companies to discuss cooperation. "Given the bamboo bamboo keyboard, mouse and other low cost, good handle, easy to use, environmental protection and other excellent properties, the future plans for a wide range of promotion." in the future will put the production field extends to the host computer, display case etc. Face, making the computer "put on" a full set of environmental protection.


Bamboo can replace the wood and bamboo forest, very green, also has anti radiation protection of eyesight, static benefits, to make good use of today, with more and more mature technology and social development, we are looking forward to the computer put on his coat, not only that, we also expect to put our mobile phone put on his coat, let we protect eyesight is not a problem.



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