Wood Carving bamboo arts and crafts 11th fair in China


Concludes of The Eleventh China (Dongyang) wood carving bamboo arts and crafts fair  


Release time: 11:05:15 2016-11-15 source: Xinhua view


The Eleventh China (Dongyang) wood carving bamboo arts and crafts fair closing 13. November 2016.  The exposition lasted 4 days, attracted a total of more than 100 national, provincial master of Arts and crafts, more than and 20 provincial arts and Crafts Association and mahogany furniture industry and the purchaser representatives.


It is understood that the current exhibition area of 450 thousand square meters, with mahogany furniture, wood carving, root carving, bamboo and other 1200 standard booths, and new tourism cultural and creative products exhibition, G20 exhibition, art exhibition and other cross-border exhibition. The city of Dongyang wood and bamboo carving wood culture business complex is the first appearance.


Dongyang wood and bamboo carving is the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage, which has a history of thousands of years. As of last century in Dongyang in mid 90s the first batch of mahogany furniture enterprises have been set up and continue to explore the market in twenty years, especially the traditional woodcarving craft and modern mahogany furniture perfect fusion, Dongyang carved rosewood furniture industry has been rapid development, has become the one of the mahogany furniture producing areas.


During the Expo released < Chinese (Dongyang) wood industry development report > rosewood display, as of now, Dongyang has nearly 3000 carved rosewood furniture enterprises, employing more than 10 people, the annual output value of over 20 billion yuan. It is estimated that Chinese furniture in 2015, Dongyang wood carving rosewood furniture industry output value accounted for more than 20% of the country.


Dongyang wood carving bamboo arts and crafts fair since 2006 has held eleven sessions, has become an important platform for China arts circles mutual exchanges and cooperation, but also one of the professional exhibition Chinese wood industry is the largest.


The exposition to inheritance and innovation, cross-border integration "as the theme, by Chinese arts and Crafts Association, Chinese Forestry Industry Association, China arts and crafts import and Export Chamber of Commerce, organized by the Dongyang Municipal People's government.


During the exhibition, also held a meeting Chinese (Dongyang) wood mahogany industry development, China art in cross-border exhibition, wood carving, mahogany the furniture development forum and the 2016" Chinese chair "original design contest.

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