Natural color bamboo panel and Veneers used in Kitchen

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natural color bamboo application in kitchen cabinet and closet

Natural color bamboo panels and veneers used in kitchen cabinet and closet and floorings 


Natural Bamboo Panel 

Natural color which not mean  bamboo origin color , 

here natural color mean the bamboo strand under high temperature steamed 

and boil down and bleached /whiten and come in to clear light white color. 

So to keep the color concordant without any color difference and stain.

Another reason for bamboo strand /strip need to be boil down under high temperature 

is because the origin bamboo has high water moisture  and sugar and other kinds of chemical composition , 

all these composition will easy cause woodworm, enzyme, out of shape to avoid these problem,

 after steamed and boil , 

all the bamboo panel will be the most health, most ECO-friendly, most safe materials for furniture and door and flooring etc.

 Interior home using.

All the bamboowith structure of horizontal or vertical or corss, the color can be nature color.   And natural color cost is higher than carbonized color, people will ask why, the reason is natural color has higher requirements on bamboo strip/strand choosing, which cause the raw strand using rate is not as high as carbonized color.


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