bamboo chopping board and cutting board

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PX bamboo has a long experience on chopping board and cutting board as original manufacturer, current with development of our R&D department and 3D print using on chopping board module printing, we design and produce more and more beautiful and high quality bamboo chopping board and kitchen cutting but at a more competitive cost.

Bellowing Wikipedia covers how to protect the first time using of the bamboo chopping board  ,

and bamboo chopping board compared with the wooden board,

and how to maintain the bamboo chopping board,

as well as the benefit of  using bamboo so on.


The protection treatment for first time using of bamboo chopping board :
A new bamboo chopping board for the first time using should do cleaning treatment first,
then to prevent some block cracking later. The specific steps are as follows:
Make sure the bamboo chopping board are completely drie.
Then Using the boiled edible oil to pour on ew bamboo chopping board evenly until the oil and bamboo full contact.

After the oil shower, waiting for oil is absorbed and chopping board is bright, and then rinse with clean water.



Bamboo Chopping Board Maintenance


1 for the first time using bamboo, first rinse with water, after completely  dried then shower with edible oil painting bamboo board surfaceafter edible oil is absorbed to render luster after normal use. Remember, can not be soaked in water!


2 if frequently used, we suggest to buy two pieces of bamboo chopping board for cooked    meat and raw meat separately ,separately use can reduce food bacteria in cross breeding.


3 after each time using of  bamboo chopping board, it must be cleaned and dried, vertically arranged in the chopping board rack, and put in ventilated and dry place.


4 bamboo chopping board can not exposure to sun directly, or cooking or soak in the water for a long time, also can not be put in the disinfection cabinet for high-temperature disinfection .


5 regularly apply a layer of cooking oil in the bamboo chopping board surface, used to moisten the bamboo fiber, so it would be longer life-tiime.


6 bamboo chopping board after long-term use, bamboo mixed with fishy smell, can use lemon and salt to wash.


7  When bamboo cutting board treated with too greasy food, we can clean it  with hot water, but brush is totally prohibited.


 if there is mildew on the bamboo cutting board,  we can using the white vinegar and water with the proportion of 1:2  , and to cover on the moldy place, or directly coated on the mildew, then dried or coated with a layer of cooking oil.,  it will look like brand-new bamboo board again.



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